Ever wonder what to do on a week-end in Kigali and you don’t know?

Well get this. Wake up in the morning, go for an early jog or walk. Walking out of the house early in the morning you will always find a group of people running and they allow anyone to join their clutch. I know it doesn’t sound that much fun but try and you’ll feel it yourself. If jogging isn’t much of your thing, there are yoga classes get up and go stretch some muscles. Get back home freshen up and call up some of your friends , organize a brunch among all of you. Different places in Kigali offer brunches, you could choose depending on what you like. Chill and enjoy the Kigali during the day. Well am not saying that’s all you do but it takes half of your day already without you knowing it. Not all places are closed during the weekend so swing by the Kigali Public Library for a read then head over to one of the most lit places in Kigali during the weekends. Pili pili or Beirut Sky Pool. Your day may not be as you wanted it to be but it will definitely be better than you’d have imagined.

Kigali is a place where you can’t miss anything to do. Events take place every weekend, people are always doing something and if you are bored, you just need the right people or the right guidance. There is so much to see, many places to visit and the right places to be. Saturdays are always slow during the morning mostly cause everyone is still sleeping or fighting hangovers, in the evenings it becomes lit again but it’s not always every time but sometimes. Sundays you have people go hiking, swimming or just hanging somewhere to just waste time, relax and reserving energy for the next day (Monday). If you live in Kigali and don’t know what to do , well you are just not an outside person nor an adventurous person. Kigali offers enough for you do, to see as well as to explore. Get out more even if you are not an outside person, explore to learn and discover, get out to meet new people and make new friends. It doesn’t hurt; it’s easy and sometimes free. The beauty of just going out there and exploring or trying a new thing is that you will learn a lot and also find a place to call your favorite spot. A hike to Juru Park, a walk at the free car zone, a brunch at Shokolalite, an hour yoga session at Inema art center, a coffee at Neo, a visit to the Kigali City Tower or Makuza plaza, a trip outside Kigali or an evening walk in Kiyovu. It doesn’t matter what you do, it contributes to your knowledge. What you see, what you learn or discover. Weekends are there for us to take a break from our professional lives and embrace the adventure of learning something new about our town, city , country, culture, community, history or be lost in nature. “Let find some beautiful place to get lost in”

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