My first encounter with a horse


It was a random day of the week, I was home trying to work on a few things when I got a call from my friends and the first thing they said “we know you love nature so drop everything, we are coming to pick you up”. Knowing my friends, all too well I might add, I was anxious to see where they were taking. I got into the car and we took the road going to Nyamirambo, the first thing that came to mind was that they were taking me for brochette, but no, the car kept on going, we passed Nyamirambo and continued all the way up and my second guess was camping but there was no equipment in the car so at this point I sat back and relaxed because I had run out of guesses. We reached a place not too far from Nyamirambo called “Mera Nea”, it has one of the most amazing views of Kigali, I had to ask them to stop so I could take pictures but little did I know that there was more to it than just the view. Going round, all I saw was green around us, something about nature calms me, every time. My mind stopped working on overdrive and all I could think was “Oh My GOD, such beauty”, but I still didn’t know what was coming ahead. While we parked I stole a glance out the window and saw what looked to me like hikers, at this point I was sure I clearly could not know what to expect. We entered a big compound, with nothing but trees and a small place where one could sit and enjoy the view of the hills, it didn’t feel like I was still in Rwanda but more of small paradise.

While chatting with my friends, who I might add did a great job using conversations to keep my attention from what we came to do, I saw horses walking down to their training areas, I had Goosebumps all over. I didn’t know whether to run to them or just watch them from afar. Not being able to hold my excitement I made my way to the horses. Looking at their long beautiful tail, their soft shiny hair looked better than mine, and I have nice hair! I felt like I had to meet the manager and ask him more about the horses. He took me around the place and gave me details I needed to know. He was so kind and offered me tea as he told me about Fazenda.

So let me try to tell you a bit about this place. “Fazenda” is located in Mera Neza a few minutes away from Nyamirambo. They offer horse riding, camping, a family day out and also doubles as a wedding venue. It is a place you could go to any day and any time but from my experience, I would advise a trip early in the morning or early evening so you could catch the sun rise or set, it truly is a sight to behold.

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