Chapchap is located in nyamirambo opposite Mtn center of Nyamirambo. It is owned by a nyamirambo resident.

It’s probably one of the most fastest and affordable place in Kigali, and has one of the funniest and interesting menu. With its creative interior design it just gives a homely vibe. They offer amazing culture food and “Rumour has it” that they have the best Igikoma (porridge), they offer drinks and also have one of the best Hookahs in town.

During the day ChapChap can be really slow but It is the definition of Nyamirambo Night Life. The place is always full of people from different corner of Kigali. who are either there for the food, the porridge, hookah or sometimes both.

During sports season they also screen different games happening.

“Wow” is the best word to describe a Chapchap night life in nyamirambo.

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