Turambe Shoppe opened its doors a few months ago, located right next to the Kigali Public Library.It was opened by a food enthusiast and serves healthy meal for people who prefer a healthy meal to the regular fried chips and chicken.

Turambe Shoppe has a small but very tasty selection of soup, salad, and sandwiches along with muffins and smoothies. Soon they will be hosting different classes with different topics from weight loss to people who would want to gain weight, as well as cooking classes.

It’s quite a unique Shoppe in Kigali that only offers healthy take away food but one can as well choose to sit and enjoy their lunch from there. It is a small but very welcoming and cozy Shoppe, with food that would make you wish you knew about the place the first day it opened.

They have no menus but their foods are well organized in the fridge from the names to prices and you just go and choose from there. Try Turambe Shoppe food and thank me later Wink* Wink*

I.G: turambeshoppe Facebook: Turambe Shoppe

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