Turikumwe Art Center

Turikumwe Art Center

Turikumwe art center meaning we are together art center is located in kimironko , opposite simba market. With its amazing written words on the wall, you can’t miss it.

They work with single women from different corners of Rwanda. They operate a culture center for the community and they We offer a variety of optional activities for the guests to give them opportunities to learn more about Rwandan culture, Kigalilife, and at the same time promote the community.

Credit: turikumweartcenter.com

Turikumwe Art Center also Offers:

-Igitenge fashion style, where by they showcase handcrafted jewelry, bags, and home goods. –Here they collaborate with different artist with their names tagged on their items.

-Igitenge experience Rwanda, a program that offers, crafts life-changing Service Learning -Adventures, preparing students from across the world to be local and global leaders.

-Igitenge camping tents, offers complete guesthouse along with a camp ground, they also have tents available to rent for those interested in staying with them and also want to -experience a night in the tents.

-Igitenge hostel, a place where visitors who would want to stay for a day or 2 to experience the Rwandan culture with Turikumwe Art Center.

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